Intuitive Commissions

One-of-a-kind, custom art that captures a memory or emotion to remind you to feel it all.

These are not your typical commissions.

 I offer two commissioned paintings each month, created to capture a memory, a dream, or an emotion. Why just two? These are not your typical commissions! This hybrid of intuitive readings and emotionally expressive art is such a special experience for both me AND you! We will draw on photographs, songs, voice notes, memory boxes, and a series of intuitive readings to collaborate on a deeply personal work of art. 

Message me below to chat more and reserve your spot—let’s make some magic together.

how it works:

reach out

My commission selection process is very personal, so feel free to share as much as you’d like—there’s no such thing as TMI. Tell me a story of the best day of your life (so far), journal through something you’re struggling with, or just tell me your favorite color! It would also be great to know if you have a specific location in mind for your painting.

 Intuitive Collaboration

Together, we’ll dive deep into how you want your painting to make you feel. This process is tailored to your desires and your emotions. We’ll select songs that express the intended vibe, follow our intuition, and save space for you to share voice notes or other recordings that will allow me to channel your emotions as I paint. 

creation and delivery

I’ll spend time with your intentions and recordings to capture the emotions you want to bring home (or give as an incredibly thoughtful gift). With each layer of the painting, our conversations and connection will bring to life a piece of art that will serve as a gentle message every time you see it. Then the painting is sent off to its new home!

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